Bronisław Komorowski                                                                                                Edit

' Bronisław Maria Komorowski' also known as bronslaw, bronslawi, boronslow, baronslaw, brinoslaw, bronirowski, bronslais, bilford wrimley, ß-$ław, the wishmatser and pootin lover boy ;0, was born june 4 1952 when god neded somewane 2 replace him. all relogions stopped at tat moment and evryone start belive bronslais.

  • bronslawi god of all
  • gangta bronslais makea ll woman wet in panty ;)
  • bronslaw baneshed the demon wilford brimley and consumed the spirit 2 become bilford wrimley
  • early paintings from the bronslawesque era (1952-present)
  • common rendition of the birth of bronswaw
  • early picture of when bronslaw became santa clasu
  • modern santa slaw
  • popular artists panting of bronislaw
  • even the mayans belive bronislaw
  • DJ ß-$ław dropping sick beatz
  • no one is expect spanish conquistasaition? or was bronislaw? :
  • not bronislaw. :D))) <--- torallfacce
  • another artist paniting of baronslaw
  • bronislaw on his visit 2 ausustria
  • bronslawi in winter
  • world was end but bronislaw is acculy rambo
  • perfect disgusie no one is expect
  • :O